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Safety Deposit Centres you can trust

Renting a safety deposit can sometimes be portrayed as a little like entering a crime thriller, where the box owner has some ill gotten items or multiple identities.

But the reality is that in an ever changing and less trusting World, it has become essential to protect assets or to hide away family heirlooms in specialist safety deposit centres.

With the closure of many high st bank services, there are fewer providers of the boxes than there used to be, but now is  the time of the specialist provider.

Renting a safety deposit box is now simpler than ever, especially at MINT. All it takes is a quick appointment, some personal documentation to verify your identity, a small deposit and you can walk out with the keys.

Both photographic ID and proof of address will be required, similar to opening a bank account.

MINT will even talk to you about shorter term rentals, which is particularly useful if you are away for shorter periods.

The fact is that you can never truly make you house as secure as a safety deposit facility, unless you have significant funds to protect your belongings. There is also the fact that many household insurances simply wont cover many items, even adding an item of jewellery should really be quoted by any insurance company, it is not ‘all risk’ like you get with MINT.

So is it worth it?

We’ll we are bound to say yes. Sadly some people sign up for a safety deposit box after they have already lost precious items. For £150 per year, MINT safety deposit centres offer great value for money in comparison to expensive alarms and insurances.

Why not see for yourselves and book an appointment today.