Don’t Risk It: Another Bank Heist in Leicester

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Don’t Risk It: Another Bank Heist in Leicester

The 11th July saw yet another bank-heist in Leicester, the Lloyds TSB branch on the Uppingham Road was hit by several robbers armed with weapons just before 9am, forcing dozens of customers to remove valuables from the branch’s safety deposit box facility.

Though no one was believed to have been hurt nor any money or possessions taken the break in is another disturbing event in a long-line of recent issues at Leicestershire banks.

Lloyds are one of the banks to stop offering new customers safety deposit boxes as a way of storing valuables or family heirlooms.

Fortunately Mint Securities offer an alternative to risky bank-based safety deposit options, our security boxes in Leicester are of the highest available quality, specification and we will never ‘pull’ the service like many of the local banks.




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