Hatton Garden Burglary CCTV tapes stolen

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Hatton Garden Burglary CCTV tapes stolen

As well as carrying out a dramatic Hatton Garden Burglary on the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company, the thieves also took time to remove the evidence of their criminal acts by removing the CCTV Tape, leaving authorities speculating as to how it was done.

Taken! This unfortunately indicates out-dated technology and that there was no off-site recording (they also knew where the recording equipment was located).

The latest technologies installed in MINT Safety Deposit Centres allow monitoring stations to have full access to the buildings CCTV 24/7 365 – the whole building can be checked in a matter of seconds – and with motion sensors triggering the slightest movement there is no place to hide in a MINT Safety Deposit Centre. Our systems are also configured to alert the authorities as to the system status, ensuring this kind of thing would not happen in this way at a MINT location.


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