Hatton Garden Burglary victims angered

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Hatton Garden Burglary victims angered

Angry customers have been gathering outside the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company. Michael Miller, a jeweller from Knightsbridge, is quoted in the press as stating he ‘felt sick’ at the prospect of losing around £50,000 of jewellery and watches, which – like many of the goods stored in safety deposit boxes were completely uninsured. Hatton Garden victims are quoted in the Daily Mail as stating:

I can’t believe this has actually happened,’ he said; ‘If you look at their website, they say they are the safest place around. There is a double-door entry and a locked system to go in. You have to go through two doors to get in the place and then get into the vault.

Most people who work here know us by face. I have a collection of watches I was going to give my son and that is irreplaceable. I bought an IWC GST Aquatimer on the day my son was born and I was going to give it to him when he turns 18. They don’t make them any more.’
The deposit boxes were used by many jewellers in the area to store their stock at the end of the day, and some could be worth £1 million or £2 million each, he added.

MINT Managing Director John Connell stated: “Many people are unaware of that many Safety Deposit Centres are not insured for such losses. Clearly many items cannot be replaced an such losses are devastating for the owners knowing they will not even get any consolation from insurance payouts! Our business offers customers ‘All Risk’ insurance on their safety deposit boxes, underwritten by Llyods of London, so it is hard to get to grips with the fact that this is the second time in a decade that this has occurred in the same premises!”


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