New Safety Deposit Box Centre Opening In Leicester

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New Safety Deposit Box Centre Opening In Leicester

Mint are proud to announce that on October 1st our new safety deposit centre will open in Leicestershire.

Our latest secure storage centre will house over 1000 safety deposit boxes and is set to be opened to the public on October 1st 2014, if you have family heirlooms, jewellery, documents or other valuable possessions that you want to guarantee the safety of, now is the time to book your box.

Designed and built as bespoke secure storage units, our Mint facilities all over the country are housing personal belongings for families that have been passed down through generations and could never be replaced if lost or stolen.

With the increasing number of people excluding high-value belongings from their home insurance, using a safety deposit box solution is often a more viable option. Items worth tens of thousands of pounds often bump up insurance premiums to astronomical figures, also meaning owners need to gather evidence and have items individually valued.

If you are worried about preserving a valuable item for your child’s’ future or conscious of damage or loss of family heirlooms, a safety deposit box would be perfect for you!


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