MINT Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions

Below are some common questions we get asked about our safety deposit box facilities. If you are unsure about anything please fell free to give our friendly staff a call on 0345 2223456 why not watch our short video first?

Are my contents insured?

Yes, you can have your contents insured up to £500,000. This is through our partners Ellerton Knight who have offered MINT exclusive safety deposit box insurance. The are unlimited options for insurance but you will need to call for anything over £500,000

Who has a access to my safety deposit box?

The customer is the only person(s) who can access their box. MINT were supplied with 2 high security keys with each box and on registration both these keys are given to the customer on registration. Because these keys are used in high security areas they cannot be copied or duplicated by anyone, therefore, security is maintained.

Can someone else open my safety deposit box on my behalf?

You can designated a key holder when you register your box, if you have representative opening the box for you we may request more details and possibly accompany them to the vaults.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you have lost one key then we would advise for you to come and replace the lock for your safety deposit box, once you lose both keys there is a greater cost and an engineer is required on site to change the lock.

How am I protected legally?

The boxes are Rented individually to each customer the contents of their box will always remain the property of that customer. It would always be illegal for any party, including an insolvency practitioner, to access a customer’s box and or to sell the contents. The legal terminology is that all customers have “Tenant Rights”. So in the very unlikely event that anything should happen to MINT all customers would be immediately contacted and advised of what to do next. We also offer fully comprehensive insurance on our box options.

Can I access the premises out of work hours?

This is not something we can offer. Once the doors are locked they are secure until the next business day.

Can I insure cash?

Yes, within our exclusive insurance product you can insure Cash in your box up to the value of £100,000

Are items protected outside the box?

Yes, this is called wear cover. Your valuables off site for a period of time. Please ask for more details at the time of taking out your safety deposit box.

What items can I store?

Marriage Certificate
Copies of Will
Birth Certificate
Copy of Passport
Copies of education certificates
Separation/Divorce papers
Social Security information
Health or medical records
Military records
Share Certificates
Business documentation

Valuable items
Gold and Silver
Copies of education certificates
Irreplaceable items
Family heirlooms
Copies of education certificates

Items that you cannot store with MINT:
Any living item – including animals and plants
Any Noxious material
Offensive material – including Drugs
Inflammable or Explosive material
Immoral Items
Perishable items
Banned or embargoed items
Stolen Goods or Storage of items for the purpose of seeking to put them beyond the reach of Law Enforcement agencies
Money obtained from crime or fraudulent activity must NOT be stored

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