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We believe in being flexible, that’s why our Safety Deposit Box Insurance is offered annually, monthly or PAYG, giving you the flexibility to decide how you pay and how often. What could be simpler, we can even arrange ‘on site’ valuations, all under one roof! Keep checking back for our latest web offers!

Mint 50 is our smallest box and starting at just £150 per year is now even more affordable. Contents insurance cover is available up to £500,000 which now covers Cash, Jewellery, Documentation and other valuable items, even when being worn!

You can upgrade at any time if you wish, you may want to take advantage of our insurance add-on. Unlike our competitors we can offer insurance up to £500,000 on your box contents, even if you are wearing the jewellery for a special occasion we can offer cover whilst the items are out of your box.

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You can pay monthly, annually and also PAYG!
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Please use our simple calculator to get a guide of what our safety deposit boxes will cost you.

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Calculator for insurance has a limit is £500,000. Unlimited options are available.
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All plans are subject to a one-off registration fee and deposit:
Registration Fee £30
+ Fully refundable deposit of £100
Prices show are guide prices as there may be slight insurance variations from time to time.
Insurance values from £10,000 – £40,000 are charged annually.

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Onsite valuations

Our MINT valuation specialists operate on-site, simply book an appointment and you well be met in branch in a secure environment where an independent assessor will value, photograph and document your valuables in order that you can get all of your items covered by the right level of insurance for your needs. All documents are stored electronically for future reference.

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MINT Safety Deposit Centres offer a great range of options including fully comprehensive insurance up to £500k, including wear cover! Why not try asking your house insurance provider what it would cost to cover £500k of valuables, you may find the results surprising!

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