Secure Storage and why you should use it!

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Secure Storage and why you should use it!

Protecting your family heirlooms, jewellery, property deeds and wills in todays modern climate is essential to ensure your families long-term financial well-being, secure storage in the form of a safety deposit box is the answer you may be looking for.

Local banks and building societies are in the process of no longer providing secure storage to their customers, some have completely stopped providing the service, others are not taking on any new customers in that area.

This has hit some people hard, leading to massively increased home insurance premiums and increased stress and worry of ensuring the valuables are safe in their homes.

Many people are turning to secure storage solutions as the way forward and Mint, a specialist safety deposit box provider with headquarters in Leicester are leading the way in the market.

Mint Securities offer safety deposit boxes from as little as a few pence a day, not to mention the increased peace of mind, lower insurance premiums and the added security of knowing your valuables are safe.

If you are worried about being burgled, losing or damaging family heirlooms or other valuable items then Mint can offer a solution.

With centres opening up all over the country they are sure to be able to preserve any item you require in there high-tech secure storage facilities.

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